25 marzo, 2011


I have composed around 70 soundtracks for videogames in the Spanish independent scene for platforms such as Xbox One, Nintendo WiiU, 3DS, DS, Android, iOS, Ouya, PC and soon, Switch. I would like to highlight among my very first works to compose the soundtrack for “White & The Dark Puppets”, the first spanish videogame to be successfully crowdfunded, and also its soundtrack was published.

I want to point that I do conferences about videogame music in Spain, master classes and teacher for online course about videogame music. Also I want to mention that I regularly write on Zehn Games, a well-known videogames website, in which I have the honour to regularly write articles related to my work as a composer, dealing with various facets of my job from a personal point of view.

I consider myself a very perseverant person, with great adaptation ability and a lot of flexibility regarding team work. I am always open to suggestions and willing to cooperate. I would like to highlight that, besides my music skills, I have a wide knowledge of the videogame and film world, since it is one of my great passions since my childhood. I think this makes me stand out among other musicians and makes my profile much more appealing to your company.

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