23 febrero, 2011

 Doomed and dammed (orchestral/gothic/fantasy/main theme)

Taiga Spirito! (opening/90’s/fighting/action)

Memento mori (80’s horror movie opening)

The flea tango (BGM/orchestral)

Silkworm (survival horror)

Blurred (main theme)

Barrier Falls (synthwave)

War Paint (BGM/dark ambient)

Seagulls (arcade racing/loop)

Zero Sehcilc (hybrid orchestra/menu)

The Sand Gates (ethnic/cinematic/opening)

Fallen Prince (ethnic/cinematic/ending)

Final Climax (arcade/shooter)

Dancing sand (ambient/sci fi/strategy)

Blader (Sega Génesis/Megadrive/Shoot’em Up)

The shore (exploration/cinematic)

Where light ends (dramatic/cinematic)

Fist 2 fist (BGM/90’S/Anime)